We are searching for couture closet interns!

We are searching couture closet interns to join our team and we would love to have YOU! Have the opportunity to gain experience in social media, marketing, editing, and so much more!

Here are some basic requirements: 

  • ​Must be hardworking, have a good attitude, and willing to learn

  • Recommended to have some knowledge of/experience with the pageant industry.

  • Must attend a training/informational session 

  • Must be available to meet 1-2 a month 

  • Must be at least 16 years of age

  • If you are applying for one position, but have skills for another, please specify that on the application

  • Must submit a resume or supplemental document (can be an essay explaining your experience, a social media page, your portfolio, etc.) If you have a question about what supplemental documents would be acceptable, please email Asia Howard at designsbyslaysia@gmail.com

  • These positions are unpaid, but interns will receive free and discounted promotional items throughout the duration of the internship

  • Applications are open year round!

Available positions 


Social Media

Jr. Editor 

  • Must have experience with photoshop, illustrator, and/or canva

  • Must be extremely creative and innovative

  • Will collaborate with social media for creative design 

  • Will collaborate with the jr. editor about blog segments

  • Be able to design social media posts and promotional items 

  • Must be experienced in instagram, facebook, and pinterest

  • Must be able to come up with creative social media content to engage following

  • Must have some knowledge on how to grow a social media platform (analytics, advertisment, etc.)

  • Must be willing to contact potential features and facilitate collaborations 

  • Collaborate with creative to brainstorm new blog segments

  • Must be well versed in communication, language, and grammar 

  • Will collaborate/assist social media to contact features and collaborators 

  • Be willing to be a contributing writer

*Please send all supplements to designsbyslaysia@gmail.com with your name in the subject line 

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