Deconstructed: Rylee Wright

Welcome to my new segment called "Deconstructed" where I will be deconstructing my favorite pageant looks this season through a fashion designer's eye.

Rylee Wright | Credit: Matt Boyd Photography

The first post in this installment will be featuring Miss Rylee Wright. I will be analyzing her evening gown look from the Miss Georgia High School America pageant where she placed second runner up! Before we get into her look, let's learn a little more about Rylee!

"Hey everyone! I’m Rylee Wright, a 16 year old Girl Boss who is the Founder/CEO of #iLikeMe. I have been competing in pageants since I was 6 years old and have grown to love all that pageantry stands for and the various skill sets it allows young women all over the world to posses. No! It’s not about the makeup, beautiful outfits, or even who wins - it’s about learning and living with self-confidence and leadership skills so that you can conquer the world. You can learn more about my organization, #iLikeMe, at as well as following us on Facebook and Instagram at @ILIKEMEORG. My favorite color is emerald green, I love all things fashion, PINK starbursts, & Oreo blizzards! Thank you Asia for having me on your blog. So much fun!"

The Dress

Rylee Wright on Stage | Credit: Rylee Wright

Rylee chose a one-shoulder, column style dress with a trendy overskirt designed by Sherri Hill . If you know anything about my design philosophy, then you would know I believe that simple silhouettes=big impact! Sometimes, when there is an overcomplicated silhouette, we tend to focus on the dress rather than the person wearing the dress. With this dress, I am looking at Rylee holistically rather than focusing on one specific detail. I absolutely love the one-shoulder sleeve with diagonal ruching. This minor detail is artfully done and draws your eye to her beautiful face. The beaded details around the waist add the perfect amount of cinching and sparkle to round out this look. The last thing that I would like to discuss is the vibrant, rich color of this dress! A common misconception is that people with red hair are confined to wearing greens and blues. This is completely not the case! Red and Purple form an analogous color scheme on the color wheel which means the colors are found next to each other. These color schemes are harmonious and pleasing to the eye because they are often found together in nature. I appreciate that she stepped outside of the box by picking this color in combination with her hair because it worked in her favor by causing her to stand out .

The Styling

Rylee Wright Styling Details | Credit: Rylee Wright

Rylee's style is simple, clean, and classic. I love the neat, effortless curls in her beautifully red hair that frame her face. Her hair is not distracting and matches the neckline of the dress. I think the shape of her Stefanie Somers earrings is unique and I appreciate that the color ties in with the beading on the waist belt to provide cohesion. Most importantly, the earrings do not overpower her face. I know us pageant girls love our big and embellished earrings, but we have to be careful because the eye may fixate on that specific piece. You probably see a common theme here! In fashion, when you create a look, you want the eye to view your outfit as a whole. Even if you have a focal detail, it is meant to prompt the eye to start in that area and travel to the other parts of the look in one continuous flow.


Overall, I think that this is a very successful look for Rylee! The dress and styling are age appropriate, well-fitted, and help her stand out in a positive way. She really did #rockitlikearedhead and I cannot wait to see more looks from her this pageant season. Be sure to keep up with Rylee and support her cause by following her on Instagram and liking her Facebook page!

Rylee's Instagram: theryleewright

Organizational Instagram: @ilikemeorg

Organizational Facebook: @ I Like Me

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